Regenerative Universal Battery Tester

6 x 150A test system in a 4U rack

Key features hardware

  • Designed to test batteries from 0 – 20V     (click here for 0 - 6V model)
  • 150A charge / discharge per test circuit
  • Each Six PackTM contains up to six independent circuits in a 19” rack
  • Unrivaled power density
  • Flexible configuration and paralleling of circuits
  • Exclusive B.E.S.T.TM system: DC link & full grid regeneration
  • Latest SiC technology: low cooling, low noise
  • Integrated CAN interface to connect additional channels for data acquisition and control
  • 7” touch screen operation for circuit monitoring and control
  • LAN connectivity with stationary or portable infrastructure

Key features software

  • Digital control
  • Integration into Digatron’s BatteryManager 4 software
  • Integrated special functions for safety purposes
  • External CAN control

System description

New UBT-RE series testers are designed for high current tests of lead-acid batteries and also any advanced chemistry such as Lithium, NiCd or NiMH up to 20V.

The range of test standards covers UL, IEC, ISO, ANSI, SAE, UN, IEEE, and JIS criteria.

UBT-RE series are designed to meet customers' growing expectations for high test current, energy efficiency, power density, flexibility, expandability, serviceability, and price-performance-ratio.

Up to six 1.8kW test circuits are housed in one 4U rack unit that also includes the active front end. Circuits can be paralleled within or even across rack units.

A 7 inch touch screen allows simple circuits monitoring and control.

Options & Accessories

  • DC output contactors
  • E-STOP safety relay                       
  • LAN connectivity with stationary or mobile infrastructure                      
  • Negative voltage range for reverse charge abuse test (UL 2271 7.7)                   
  • Data loggers for additional inputs: voltage, temperature, analog, high impedance inputs for reference electrodes, I/O for auxiliary devices, RS-232, CAN interfaces                    
  • BIND-Concept for synchronisation of multiple circuits in one climate chamber

What is B.E.S.T.?

B.E.S.T. =  BICONDITIONAL ENERGY SUPPLY TRACKING                              

Digatron's B.E.S.T. system assures optimum energy efficiency under any operating condition thus saving the user money. An innovative process that automatically balances the energy flows between the 6 circuits and tracks the energy balance of the DC link accordingly, either to regenerate 100% in the DC realm (and replenish from AC as needed), or to feed excess energy back to the 3-phase grid.

What is SiC?

SiC = Silicon-Carbide

These next generation power devices give benefits of lower losses, higher voltage, and high temperature operation in the power conversion system, realizing its downsizing and high power density.