Multiple Cell Tester


MCT Series

MCT Series Cell Testers are designed for testing lithium cells or any other advanced cell technology such as NiCd or NiMH. But not only single cells, also groups of cells with cell drop out respectively bypassing cells or complete packs can be tested.

MCT Series are designed to meet customers' specification in regard of voltage range, current range and number of circuits. Each circuit is controlled separately. 4 up to 16 circuits can be installed into one rack. Up to 10 racks can be installed into one cabinet. All circuits are supplied from one common power supply. The bipolar power output allows discharging without zero-crossing dead zones.

The communication between modules, cabinets and host computer is effected via ethernet-hub (standard-ethernet-cable). Contact fixtures are available for single cells or packs. A variety of options such as additional input channels, smart-battery-bus, range switching, interface to the climatic chamber etc. in combination with the no-limits BTS-600 software, completes the MCT to the most powerful test system for small cells and packs.


MCT Series are designed for testing small cells, such as lithium cells or any other cell technology. Due to their high-circuit density, MCT Series offer efficient cabinet design for cycling, capacity, and internal resistance testing.