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Digatron Power Electronics Aachen (Germany), Production Plant
Aachen, Germany

Digatron Power Electronics is an international group of companies with engineering, manufacturing and service facilities located in Germany, the United States, China and India.

Digatron Power Electronics develops and manufactures computer-controlled test and formation equipment for all kinds of batteries, ranging from batteries for mobile phones to automotive batteries to huge submarine batteries. But also for other kinds of electrical energy storage devices like fuel cells, supercaps and hybrid systems Digatron Power Electronics supplies high dynamic test and load simulation systems.

Digatron Power Electronics Qingdao (China)
Qingdao (China)
Digatron Power Electronics Shelton, CT (USA)
Shelton, CT (USA)
TBS/Digatron joint venture
TBS/Digatron joint venture
Ador Digatron Private Ltd., Pune (India)
ADOR DIGATRON Pune (India), Production Plant

The combination of heavy duty power electronics in linear or switch mode technology along with digital controllers, data acquisition and comprehensive management software is what makes Digatron Power Electronics unique in this field.

Our customers are battery manufacturers and companies using batteries in large scale as well as research laboratories working at new technologies for low emission driving solutions. Within this niche segment we are the world market leader with an export rate of 75 %.

Wherever batteries are produced or used as an energy source, test and formation equipment from Digatron Power Electronics represents the state of the art.

With the continuous development of systems and techniques for battery testing and formation it is not surprising that Digatron Power Electronics is regarded as a competent partner for for battery
manufacturers, the automotive industry, research institutes and integrators.

Digatron Power Electronics has acquired an excellent reputation because its equipment is tailored exactly to the customer’s requirements. It is manufactured in small quantities with the construction standards of large-scale production. In addition to the standard equipment the product range has expanded and improves continuously.

Digatron Power Electronics is now designing, engineering, supplying and commissioning turnkey projects like formation plants including rectifi ers, water baths, conveyors, exhaust-air, etc. Also turnkey test laboratories with all necessary equipment and appliances will be supplied.

Realizing such complex projects requires the experienced engineering of all components and machinery. To meet these high demands, Digatron Power Electronics employs an experienced group of project engineers coming from the battery industry.

Founder and Chairman Rolf Beckers
Chairman and Founder
Rolf Beckers
CEO and Managing Director Kevin Campbell
CEO and Managing Director
Kevin Campbell

In 1968 Digatron in Germany produced its first battery testers which gave excellent reliability and accuracy. So it is not surprising that some of this equipment is still in operation today.

In the same decade in Connecticut Firing Circuits Inc. started its production of rectifiers and inverters, initially for the plating industry and later on for the battery industry. The acquisition of Firing Circuits Inc. took place in 1988.

In 1994, after China opened the market for Western products, Digatron set up a production facility in Qingdao, China. In 2010 and 2011 the company again expanded its production and storage facilities.

In 2009 Digatron and TBS of England formed a Opens external link in new windowjoint venture  in Qingdao to manufacture
and service TBS equipment in China and other Asian countries. Digatron’s experience of manufacturing in China combined with TBS’ engineering excellence will provide a platform to supply its range of machines to this important area as well as local technical support and spare parts.

In 2013 ADOR DIGATRON Private Ltd. was founded as a Joint-venture for the production of test and formation equipment. The company is located in Pune. The city is recognized as the place for car production and components for the automotive industry, with a high level of German and European companies.

Now a team of 300 employees is working for the Digatron group worldwide. After 45 years in 2014 the management of the Aachen HQ was passed into the hands of Kevin Campbell while the ownership of the group remains in the hands of the founder and Chairman, Rolf Beckers.