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Battery Emulator (ES) [1]

The Battery Emulator (BE) is a programmable high voltage source and sink using high dynamic IGBT power circuits.

To emulate the characteristic behaviour of a battery, the voltage can be adjusted while running the test program. The battery type, the battery capacity, and the battery condition (age, temperature) can be emulated as well due to the adjustability of the resistance. Like real batteries with different open circuit voltages the BS can also adjust the open circuit voltage.

A 32 Bit digital signal processor ensures high speed control and data aquisition. A variety of options are available such as additional input channels for voltage and temperature or analogue I/Os for auxiliary devices, or RS232 interface to temperature chamber.


The simplified theoretical model of a battery is used to adjust DC output voltage of the Battery Emulator.


The test system consisting of battery emulator ES and the software –either Battery Manager or CAN-bus supervised– can replace real batteries of any technology in numerous HIL applications. Typical applications are automotive test bench lines for combustion engines and electric drive systems.

Please download the PDF brochure for full technical specifications and features.

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