Electric Vehicle Tester


Electric Vehicle Battery Tester (EVT)

The Electric Vehicle Battery Tester (EVT) is designed for testing traction batteries in electric vehicles or HEV batteries in hybrid electric vehicles. The EVT realizes the functions charge and discharge with freely programmable set values for current, voltage, power or resistance in test programs, as well as the registration of the corresponding measured data.  

Due to the specific requirements (fast load changes and simulation of driving cycles) the EVT is equipped with IGBT-technology.

This technology allows to feed the energy back to the AC power lines while discharging which results in low power heat dissipation. Additional cooling systems are not required. A variety of options are available, such as drop out of battery blocks, additional input/output channels, datalogger, CAN-Bus interface and RS 232-interface to the climatic chamber.


The high speed transition from charge to discharge and vice versa makes the IGBT/EVT ideal for Electric/Hybrid Electric Vehicle battery testing. Particulary the feature to repeat drive cycles which have been recorded by using a portable datalogger during a real test drive provides reproducable test results. Beside this, test regimes can be freely programmed for all kinds of electric vehicle batteries or any other industrial energy storage devices.

Please download the PDF brochure for full technical specifications and features or download a case presentation in Projects section of this website.