The #1 global supplier
for battery test and formation systems

For more than half a century, Digatron develops and manufactures test and formation charging systems for batteries. As a world market leader with manufacturing plants in the US and India we supply to customers all over the planet and actively shape the future of energy storage.



Thanks to our full range, we can supply you with the right solution for every requirement - in uncompromising quality.


Cell Tester

Use our equipment to check life and cycle duration, capacities and internal resistances in the lower voltage ranges or at high currents – whether it’s a single cell or high volumes.


Battery module testers

With the module testers, you can easily perform precise high-current testing, check typical SLI batteries, as well as large and small lithium modules for stationary or mobile applications. All highly efficiently.


hv-packs tester

Test driving profiles for a high-voltage battery in no time, and simulate driving cycles, the start-stop function or battery charge states with our pack testers.



Fuel cell tester

Digatron has extensive expertise in testing other types of electrical energy storage systems such as fuel cells, EDLCs or VRFBs, and can offer best in class tailor-made test systems


High-current discharge devices

With our high-current discharge devices, you can perform low-cost tests such as cold or warm starts on starter batteries. Also with recharge stage on request.



Formation rectifiers for lead batteries

Whether thyristor, IGBT or SiC MOSFET technology, Digatron’s renowned equipment guarantees that the initial charge of your lead-acid batteries is quick and easy.


Formation and grading of lithium batteries

Every secondary cell requires an initial charge to be able to store energy. For lithium cells, it is also necessary to monitor the temperature and voltage of each individual cell.


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