Multiple Circuit Rectifier IGBT-Series


Multiple Circuit Rectifier IGBT

Multiple Circuit Charge Discharge Rectifier with IGBT technology

MCDR-IGBT Series rectifiers are designed for lead-acid battery formation. The cabinets contain multiple circuits housed in drop-down IGBT modules. All essential circuit components such as control boards, semiconductors and contactors are housed in these modules. They can be easily serviced in the event of a component failure.

Typically, up to 20 batteries are connected in series to one circuit. The batteries’ size and capacity determine the current and voltage ranges and subsequently the number of circuits per cabinet. Please consult the brochures and our sales engineers for particular configurations and requirements.

Battery Manager Software

MCDR-IGBT Series rectifiers are designed to readily integrate with Battery Manager formation software. Battery Manager permits each circuit either to run individually, in groups, or in parallel. Battery Manager is database-oriented software for the control and administration of battery-related processes in the formation and laboratories as well as for the production planning and supervision. You will profit from reliable and accurate formation: Batteries are formed exactly as per specification, each and every time.

Operator Safety

Each of our products is designed with operator safety in mind. All circuits are isolated from each other by separate secondary windings of the main transformer. The system’s isolated secondaries reduce the risk of electrical shock and a main circuit breaker protects personnel when performing maintenance on the rectifier cabinet. Each circuit is protected by AC and DC breakers to isolate the circuit from the high voltage of the main transformer and the string of batteries.


Options, such as emergency shut-off, temperature input channels, data-logger with up to 80 channels, digital inputs and outputs and a complete waterbath control allow manifold customized applications.

Features that make a difference

  • Drop-down modules for easy maintenance and minimal circuit down time.
  • Main transformer with discrete secondaries provides the highest circuit stability.
  • High speed communication with host PC via TCP/IP.
  • Native interface with Inbatec Acid Recirculation Systems for direct compatibility and low implementation cost.

Benefits contributing to your bottom line

  • Exceptionally economic with energy in charge mode Very good efficiency for power regeneration to the AC power line in discharge mode, thus reducing energy losses, heat generation, and operating cost.
  • Best possible power factor over entire operating range, any investment in PFC (power factor correction) systems can be omitted
  • Cost for grid feed-in are minimised
  • One of the most reliable and service-friendly products on the market: minimise downtime and maintenance cost

Also available with SRC (thyristor) technology

Please click here for MCDR-SCR series.