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Digatron Power Electronics’ Nick Hennen newly appointed as Chairman of the SAE International Battery Test Equipment Committee

April 2018, Nick Hennen of Digatron Power Electronics accepted the Chairman position of the SAE International Battery Test Equipment Committee as nominated by Mr. Bob Galyen, CTO of Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL).  Mr. Galyen also serves as Chairman SAE Battery Standards Steering Committee and commented on the appointment.

“In this role he (Nick) will help to accelerate the development of the electrification of the mobility industry by his expertise in test equipment.  Defining the industry standards for these sophisticated testing machines is of paramount importance to achieving quality levels of test results necessary for validation of cells, modules and packs,” states Mr. Galyen.  “We welcome Nick into this new role, which additionally places him on the Battery Standards Steering Committee.”

Nick has served as head of Sales and Marketing at the Shelton, CT USA facility of Digatron for over five years, with the past three as Vice President.  He mentions as top goals for the committee are to get global participation and to align the requirements for the test hardware with the efforts of the other committees defining standards for quality and safety.

“It is important when looking at cell performance and safety that the operation of the equipment to make critical determinations is reflective.   Developing tests that are too expensive to achieve is counterproductive.  Basic design considerations and cost of the test equipment need also to be factored into the overall equation,” comments Mr. Hennen.  “This requires coordination with those defining the protocols so that together within the SAE Battery Standards group a cost and benefit determination can be made.  We hope this committee can add to that discussion from the equipment side.”