Batteries have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We encounter them everywhere: in mobile phones, computers, tools and robots, but also in every kind of vehicle and plane, and even in submarines and spaceships. Their areas of application reveal that batteries need to be highly durable. Day in day out, they are exposed to extreme electrical loads and various environmental factors. One thing always remains top priority: safety. To be able to ensure this, numerous tests are necessary during the battery’s development and QA stage. And this is exactly where our products come into play. With our equipment, you can quickly and easily carry out professional tests on batteries during development and for quality assurance purposes.

Your Advantages


Quality – “Made in Germany”

All products are produced according to German quality standards. We stand for unique reliability and uninterrupted operations over many years.


All Digatron devices are developed to be optimally compatible with one another. This makes them highly scalable and allows your installation to be expanded at any time.


High energy efficiency, quicker ROI and extreme longevity make a solution from Digatron a smart investment.

Continuous support

Our team of experienced project consultants, service engineers and sales associates is always at your side. Even after commissioning, you’ll benefit from our free hotline and service.

Optimal set-up for every test procedure

With our comprehensive portfolio, we are able to provide you with complete solutions for every test scenario.

Single cell testers

Use our equipment to check life and cycle duration, capacities and internal resistances in the lower voltage ranges or at high currents – whether it’s a single cell or high volumes.


Fuel cell tester

Digatron has extensive expertise in testing other types of electrical energy storage systems such as fuel cells, EDLCs or VRFBs, and can offer tailor-made test systems


Battery module testers

With the module testers, you can easily perform precise high-current testing, check typical SLI batteries, as well as large and small lithium modules for stationary or mobile applications. All highly efficiently.


High-current discharge devices

With our high-current discharge devices, you can perform low-cost tests such as cold or warm starts on starter batteries. Also with recharge stage on request.


HV packs testers

Test driving profiles for a high-voltage battery in no time, and simulate driving cycles, the start-stop function or battery charge states with our pack testers.


Your Advantages


50 years of experience

We were one of the first to supply test equipment for batteries 50 years ago. Since then, we have been continually defining new industry standards and constantly developing our portfolio further.

Perfectly adapted to you

All Digatron devices are developed to be optimally compatible with one another. This makes them highly scalable and allows your installation to be expanded at any time.

Low failure

Over 50 years of experience, carefully made individual components and uncompromising quality assurance guarantee uninterrupted operations for years to come.

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are returning customers. That’s why you would rather score high marks with professional and sound test results to secure that follow-up order.

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