The all-in-one software for battery tests and formation

Battery Manager is Digatron’s software for the control and management of battery-related tests. Unlike any other software solution, it combines a comprehensive feature set with maximum compatibility, enabling you to also control various additional solution components, such as temperature chambers, water baths or data logger systems. Operate your complete solution via just one interface, obtain a clear view of all test results in a standardized format and save precious time.

Your Advantages


All in one system

The architecture allows you to manage not only all your Digatron test equipment through the software, but also third-party products. This saves precious time and reduces labor.

Continuous optimization

Software algorithm to optimize the utilization of test and formation process resources.

Simple Usability

The intuitive user interface is easy to use, so tests can be performed with just a few clicks and test results can be displayed in seconds.


Maximum flexibility

The Battery Manager runs on the current Windows operating system. So it can be operated easily from any Windows computer in the network.

Regular Updates

We constantly develop our software further and adapt it to the technological development. This ensures that your devices are always up to date.

Graphical user interface

The Battery Manager has a graphical user interface that can be used to create scenarios using the Drag & Drop function. This allows you to keep track of complex test scenarios at all times.