We encounter batteries throughout our entire lives. Whether in cars, remote controls or mobile phones, you can find them almost everywhere. Their range of applications is at the very least as great as the demands placed upon them. Batteries are constantly exposed to various environmental conditions: impacts, temperature fluctuations, moisture and vibrations are not uncommon. Yet they need to have the longest service life possible and deliver energy reliably. This requires extensive testing during production, and this is exactly where Digatron’s equipment goes into action. It enables all test procedures required for battery production and thereby ensures the highest quality. Test your batteries with equipment by the market leader Digatron.

your advantages


Quality – “Made in Germany”

All products are produced according to German quality standards. Digatron equipment stands for reliability and extremely long product life cycles.

Highly scalable

All Digatron devices are developed to be optimally compatible with one another. This makes them highly scalable and allows your installation to be expanded at any time and without great effort.

Continuous support

Our team of experienced project consultants, service engineers and sales associates is always at your side. Even after commissioning, you’ll benefit from our free hotline and comprehensive service.

The right solution makes all the difference

Regardless of what type of battery you produce, Digatron provides you with a tailor-made solution that simplifies and ramps up your production processes. Our philosophy? Full service instead of simply delivering the product. This means that our consultants will support you throughout the entire project: from planning to implementation and commissioning. If other manufacturers are involved in the project, we will be happy to coordinate with them. All with the aim of realizing the right solution for you. Should any malfunctions occur during operations, benefit from our free support hotline, repair service, upgrades, delivery of spare parts and our on-site service. We stand for highest quality, which is also proven by our ISO 9001:2015 certification.



You can only produce and develop powerful, long-lasting and safe batteries if you can rely on your test equipment. That’s how you can continuously ensure the quality of your batteries and continually improve them.

Formation rectifiers for lead batteries

Whether thyristor, IGBT or SiC MOSFET technology, Digatron’s renowned equipment guarantees that the initial charge of your lead-acid batteries is quick, easy and successful.


EOL testing

The last inspection before delivery of the battery can tip the scales. With Digatron, you can be sure that the quality is real. Our devices are highly reliable at testing lead-acid batteries and welded connections, thereby ensuring flawless quality.


Formation and grading of lithium batteries

Every secondary cell requires an initial charge to be able to store energy. For lithium cells, it is also necessary to monitor the temperature and voltage of each individual cell.


Why should you choose Digatron


Half a century of experience

We were one of the first to supply test equipment for batteries 50 years ago. Since then, we have been continually defining new industry standards and constantly developing our portfolio further.

Perfectly adapted to you

At Digatron you don’t just buy a product. Thanks to our comprehensive advice, we can provide you with a complete solution that is optimized to your needs and demands.

Low failure

Carefully made individual components and uncompromising quality assurance guarantee uninterrupted operations for years to come.

Satisfied customers

Satisfied customers are returning customers. That’s why you would rather score high marks with professional and sound test results to secure that follow-up order.

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