Battery End-Of-Line (EOL) Tester

One-stop solution for testing lithium battery modules and packs

Digatron - an innovator within the battery industry with advanced turn-key solutions for battery testing partners with DSA - a specialist for innovative communication solutions for automotive electronics. Together, their expertise brings the best of both worlds to improve the production quality of your lithium battery modules & packs, establishing one-stop solution for end of line testing.

Specialist teams from Digatron and DSA with proven engineering knowledge & skills came together to make battery testing and diagnostic most efficient & safe, ensuring sustainability of lithium batteries. We develop a modular end-of-line test solution where pre-defined test regime modules can be selected as per your requirement. Battery EOL tester supports the entire workflow of EOL testing by offering customized communication & testing solutions including electrical test, leakage test, BMS configuration etc.

Additionally, it has a centralized database for analytics & traceability that leads to electrical & electronic testing from one source - providing continuous optimization of battery manufacturing & assembly. Battery EOL tester seamlessly integrates into existing EOL procedures, supporting the first life of your battery in production, testing & after-sales taking all in one battery testing & diagnostics to an advanced level.


One stop solution for battery EOL testing including all kinds of tests like - electronic test, leakage test, BMS programming & configuration, charge & discharge test etc.


Data Analytics and Traceability

Centralized database for analytics and traceability that leads to electrical and electronics testing from one source, providing continuous optimization of battery manufacturing and assembly. Data analytics & traceability reports can be easily generated.



We develop customized and exactly fitting solutions as per your requirement with trend setting technology.



It can be expanded to higher power or with additional tests.

Functions & Applications

Functions Applications
High Voltage Insulation Test: Test identifies possible insulation faults in HV components and/or HV cables
High Voltage Withstand Test: Same as for insulation testing, but different standards. Test identifies possible insulation defects in HV components and/or HV cables
Leakage Test for Cooling System: Test ensures that no cooling liquid gets inside the HV battery
Leakage Test for Housing: Test ensures that the housing is (water) tight so that the battery is not flooded when the vehicle is submerged.
Optical Inspection: Visual inspection with checklist app. or automated optical inspection system.
BMS Programming, Configuration and Verification: Updating the operating software of the BMS control unit and vehicle-specific configuration of the battery.
BMS General Diagnosis: (Error Codes, general status, cell voltage, current, temperature, I/Os)
Charge Test: BMS current sensor verification (charge current and Voltage measurement)

Set the desired SOC (state of charge). Make sure that the battery is sufficiently charged for the further production process.
SOC Verification Cycle: Defined cycle that is needed by BMS to calculate SOC.
Discharge Test: High current discharge

DCIR (internal DC resistance)

Thermal hot spots detection (with IR optical inspection/IR analysis software)

Controlled fuse test
BMS Sensor Verification: Verification of the range calculation and the charging, discharging functions and overcharge protection
Simulation Of Charging Stations: Ensure that communication between the charging station and the internal charging electronics works properly.

Worldwide standards: CCS/GB/T27930/CHAdeMO
Temperature Sensor Verification: Reference measurement for verification of the temperature sensors
Simulation Of Fault Conditions: Simulate short circuit

Connect external resistors

Pyro Fuse Test: Pyro circuit test (connectors, cables and firing circuit)

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