Digatron PLT

Test station for quality assessment of starter batteries after formation

Stress tests are performed immediately after formation using Digatron’s production line tester. Thanks to an automated set value test, only flawless car and truck batteries leave the assembly line, and with a throughput of up to eight batteries per minute, the device is highly efficient. A must-have if you want your batteries to be of the highest quality.

High longevity

The robust design and an acid-resistant coating make the device long-lasting and protect it from the harsh production environment.


For car and truck batteries

The Digatron PLT features a wide current range that enables testing with electric loads for car and truck batteries.


Easy integration

The Digatron PLT can be integrated as a stand-alone station into existing production lines with little effort.

Digatron PLT, Station f?r Belatungstests an Starterbatterien direkt nach der Formation

Technical Data

Voltage range 0 up to 15 V or 6 up to 15 V
Current range 750 A, 1.000 A, 1.500 A, 2.000 A or 3.000 A

Suitable for the following tests


High-current tests on lead-acid batteries following formation



Only the right accessories can transform a single product into a perfectly synchronized installation. Our extensive portfolio of accessories offers everything you need for a complete solution.

Highly flexible copper cable with currents up to 3.000 Ampere

High-current cable

Highly flexible copper cable with currents up to 3.000 Ampere

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

Battery Manager

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

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