Renowned battery testing and formation solutions provider Digatron announces strategic partnership with Safion GmbH, a fast-growing deep-tech company specializing in rapid and accurate prediction of battery performance, lifetime, and safety. Both Aachen based companies will join forces for knowledge exchange, and Digatron will support Safion ramping up its global sales activities.
Digatron and Safion GmbH enter a strategic partnership to profit from each other’s expertise on development and manufacturing level and to accelerate Safion’s growth in means of global distribution. Considering a high international demand for the innovative battery diagnosis technology from Safion, Digatron will draw on its established network and sales infrastructure to acquire new customers and support product delivery.

Entrenched in the battery research sector, Safion applies the latest scientific findings and brings forward new ideas. The company provides comprehensive, user-focused solutions for battery quality assessment and diagnosis using an innovative measurement technology. This method is applicable along the whole battery value chain and precisely evaluates lithium-ion batteries within a few seconds.
Team Digatron & Safion pictured together : From left to right : Alexander Gitis (Managing Director - Safion), Dr. Arne Hendrik Wienhausen (Head of Hardware - Safion), Rolf Beckers (Founder- Digatron), Kevin Campbell (Global Head of Strategy & market development- Digatron), Georg Fuchs ( R&D Manager & Product development-Safion), Hendrik Zappen (CTO & Co-founder´- Safion)

“Digatron, an innovator within the battery industry for more than 50 years, holds a high hardware and software competence and a wide customer base globally. With advanced turn-key solutions, Digatron offers equipment, systems as well as devices for the production, testing and development of power storage and batteries of any technology and size.

Both Digatron and Safion are committed to innovation and creating customer-focused solutions. The partners will break down barriers between their products, laying the foundation for their close collaboration. In particular Digatron’s battery cyclers play a significant part for Safion’s testing solutions and will be the focus of their integration efforts.

Rolf Beckers, Founder & Owner of Digatron “Safion's technology is the right product at the right time, and it will be the solution to the upcoming challenges of the battery industry and e-mobility. I see great potential here, because the global interest in this technology is very high, and I am convinced that this partnership will be an asset for both companies and achieve common goals. Together with Digatron, Safion will continue to grow and drive international distribution." 

Dr. Alexander Gitis, CEO & Founder of Safion “With Digatron, we have a strong, renowned partner on our side, who actively shaped the battery industry for over 50 years. Safion has a revolutionary technology that has many touchpoints with Digatron’s equipment, and joining forces is the perfect way to bring it to the right spot. We highly profit from our new partner’s international network and do not compete with their existing range of products.” 

About Digatron

Digatron is an international group of companies with headquarters in Aachen (Germany), with global manufacturing facilities in USA, China, India & Italy. Considered as the electronic innovators within the battery industry, Digatron’s purpose has always been energizing the battery world with advanced turn-key power electronic solutions.

Since over half a century, the company has grown continuously and have become the recognized partner of the leading battery and automotive industry internationally. Digatron offers equipment, systems and devices for the production, testing and development of power storage and batteries of any technology such as lithium, lead, NiMH, NaS and of any size, from a single cell, 12 V starter battery to the 800kW lithium module of an electric vehicle.

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About Safion

Safion is a leading provider for battery quality assessment and diagnosis of prototype and commercial lithium-ion batteries. The company supplies stand-alone and fully integrated production line systems for quality, safety and performance controlling as well as supplier assessment in the fastest, most accurate and most cost-effective way. This enables customers along the whole battery value chain to achieve significant technological performance improvements as well as cost and resource savings.

Safion’s core technology bases on more than 10 years of interdisciplinary research at RWTH Aachen University and combines real time electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with advanced assessment algorithms.

International Tier-1 and OEM customers in the fields of automotive, aviation and consumer electronics, as well as cell manufacturers and renowned research institutions already rely on Safion's systems and expertise.

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