Digatron establishes a Group Executive Council (GEC)

In recent years, the Digatron Group has developed from a supplier of test and formation equipment for the battery industry to a full-service provider of complete solutions in the field of batteries, ranging from the production of Li-ion cells to fast-charging stations for electric vehicles. So far, this development has mainly been driven individually by individual companies of the Digatron Group.
In order to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the increasingly globalized market and to make better use of the resulting opportunities for the Group, close and coordinated cooperation between all companies involved is imperative, based on the strategy of the Digatron Group. To this end, a Group Executive Council (GEC) is formally established. The goal of the GEC will be to define the global strategy of the Digatron Group and to derive goals for the individual companies from it. The GEC steers the Digatron group of companies through this objective. The GEC also defines principles and rules for cross-company issues and processes.

Members of the GEC & Areas of Responsibility:

Rolf Beckers: Head of GEC, Investments, Human Resources

Kevin Campbell: Marketing, Global Image, and Public Image of the Digatron Group

Holger Driesch: Development, Engineering, Procurement, Manufacturing

Marcello Fantoni: Sales & Marketing, Group Product Development Responsibility

Ravin Mirchandani: Coordination of Group Vision and Mission Strategy

About Digatron

Digatron is an international group of companies with headquarters in Aachen (Germany), with global manufacturing facilities in the USA, China, India & Italy. Digatron’s vision has always been to energize the battery world with advanced turn-key power electronic solutions for research laboratories and battery producers.

For over half a century, the company has become the recognized partner of the leading battery and automotive industry internationally. Digatron manufactures equipment, systems, and devices for the production, testing and development of power storage and batteries of any technology such as lithium, lead, NiMH, NaS and of any size, from a single cell, 12 V starter battery to the 800kW lithium module of an electric vehicle.

Digatron’s most recent innovations are from manufacturing turnkey solutions for Lithium-ion Cell assembly & formation equipment to manufacturing automotive DC fast charger infrastructure equipment used by charge point operators to meet the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.


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