Digatron DLS

Seamless data acquisition during the test phase

Digatron’s fully integrable data loggers enable data acquisition for single cell voltages and battery and tank voltages during the test cycle. The sequentially recorded data can then be used for comparisons, assessments or as evidence.

Easy to adapt

The data logger has a modular design and can be adapted to any specific requirement or application.


More than voltage

The device can be fitted with inputs for many different types of temperature probes. The measuring transducer can replicate virtually every physical value.


From small to very large

The data logger is scalable and available in a small design with only a few channels, up to larger installations with several hundred channels.

Technical data

  Digatron DLS
Interface Digatron CAN Bus
No. of Input Channels Max. 500 Channels
Type of Input Channels Voltage, Thermocouples, PT100, AD 590
Accuracy Voltage Channels ± 0,1 % fs
AuflösResolution Voltage Channelsung ± 15 bit
Accuracy Temperature Channels ± 1° C
Resolution Temperature Channels ± 11 bit (AD 590)
Data Acquisition Rate (DAR) Min. 20 msec

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