Digatron EIS Meter

A professional device for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for batteries

The Digatron EIS meter measures complex impedance to provide data on the battery condition. The measurement results can be employed for diagnosis or analyses of the aging process, for example. This makes the EIS meter an indispensable device for optimizing component material. An optional life-span test can be integrated via a Digatron battery test device.
The EIS meter was developed specifically for researchers’ needs in cooperation with the ISEA at RWTH Aachen University. It features a frequency range from 1 mHz to 6.5 kHz that can draw up to 2 amps. The measurement results can be analyzed with tables and graphics or exported in standard format.

High degree of precision

The control accuracy for frequency and current is very high, giving your tests a particularly high level of validity.


Everything on one system

The Digatron EIS meter works on the same software as the Digatron cycler, so you control everything via just one system.

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