INSPECTRUM. EIS-Meter from Safion

Full integratability with all Digatron systems

Safion is a leading supplier of measurement technology and software for battery quality assessment and diagnostics. The company is a strategic partner of the Digatron Group.

The Safion Inspectrum Series enables cost-effective characterization of lithium-ion and sodium-ion cells within seconds using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). In addition, the Inspectrum series offers a simple solution for channel expansion using the multiplexer. All Inspectrum systems can be quickly and effortlessly controlled and managed from the Battery Manager.

In addition, Safion offers the Inspectrum.Suite, an intuitive software for automated test planning and evaluation of measurement data as well as modeling and parameterization of batteries.

Device for electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for assessing battery condition


Set-up overview Inspectrum

Set-up overview Inspectrum

Set-up overview Multiplexer

Set-up overview Multiplexer


AC current output (1 Hz - 10 kHz) Max. 10 A (peak-peak)
AC excitation Parallel multi-sine, up to 32 frequency points
DC current output (charge and discharge option) Max. +/-1 A
EIS measurement charge/discharge Yes
EIS measurement during temperature change Yes
Temperature Measurement Input 1 CH RTD
DC voltage range 0 - 5 V
Frequency range 1 mHz - 10 kHz
Interfaces USB, CAN
Voltage Input Resolution (DC) < 0.5 mV
Voltage Input Resolution (AC) < 2 μV
Impedance range 0.1 mΩ - 100 mΩ
Accuracy |Z| (typical, after calibration) < 0.5 °
Input Power < 60 W
Input Voltage 12 VDC
Casing (W x D x H) 165 x 240 x 55mm
Ambient temperature +10°C to +30°C
Multiplexer EIS Channels 8, 12, 16, 20
Multiplexer Temperature Input Yes
Channel Switching Time <0.5s
Interface Proprietary, directly connected to Inspectrum.C
Power Supply Directly from Inspectrum.C
Casing (W x D x H) 280 x 240 x 170 mm (8 CH System)
Ambient Temperature +10°C to +30°C


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