Digatron laboratory water bath

The perfect temperature compensation for batteries

The water bath from Digatron is fully automated and ensures that during the test phases the electrolyte temperatures of all batteries are always in the given range. Relevant standards for battery tests (e.g. EN 50342-1) stipulate the temperature control of the test object (or electrolyte) to a common temperature level. The water bath is ideal for this purpose.

Permanent water regulation

Automatic water refilling ensures that the water level is always correct and an outlet pipe prevents the tank from overflowing.


Robust construction

The welded steel frame construction makes the water bed particularly sturdy and long-lasting.


Constant circulation

The water bath features several nozzles and hoses that enable permanent circulation of the water, ensuring balanced temperatures.

Water bath for temperature equalization during test phases
Water bath for temperature equalization during test phases

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