Digatron IBT-IGBT

Low-cost pack and module tester for industrial batteries

With the industrial battery tester, you can test traction batteries and stationary batteries in the current range from 60 amps to 3200 amps. Ideal for high longevity and dependable test results during battery production.

Wide voltage range

Thanks to the wide voltage range, the device can be used to effortlessly test battery modules and packs up to 400 volts



The compact design with up to 16 power levels per device and a sophisticated cooling system make it possible to concatenate several devices to save precious space.


High energy and cost efficiency

Power amplifiers in the IGBT technology have a good degree of efficiency when discharging in regeneration mode. The optimal power factor saves having to invest in a capacitor bank and minimizes the costs for grid feed.


Easy-to-service technology

The device features a smart, modular design that makes servicing considerably easier.


Parallel connection of circuits

Several power outputs can be easily connected in parallel to increase the current and power accordingly.

Energieeffizienter Batterieeinzelzellentester mit einzigartig hoher Packungsdichte.


Voltage range 20 V up to 400 V 0 V or 5 V up to 18 V or 36 V*
Current per circuit 60 A up to 3.200 A 300 A or 600 A
Control accuracy U DC < ± 0,1 % FSR < ± 0,1 % FSR
Control accuracy I DC < ± 1,0 % FSR < ± 0,1 % FSR
Paralleling of circuits Yes Yes
Mains feedback Full sine No
Circuits per cabinet 16 4

Suitable for the following tests


  • Charge and Discharge
  • Battery cycling
  • Recharging



Only the right accessories can transform a single product into a perfectly synchronized installation. Our extensive portfolio of accessories offers everything you need for a complete solution.

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

Battery Manager

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

Battery Cable

Battery Cable

Cable to connect your battery under test to the Digatron device



Data logger to meassure additional voltages and temperatures



For DUT-temperature measurements in harsh environments with 4, 8 or 16 channels

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