Digatron connector cable

With this acid-resistant and flame-retardant insulated copper cable, you can connect your batteries in container formations for continuous currents of up to 60 amps. It proves its worth with low electrical resistance, easy handling and a high level of protection against short-circuits. And the best thing: if the standard 45 cm length isn’t right for you, we will supply you with the cable you need. In the desired length, with or without offset angle, varying profiles, plus many other options.

Everything, except run-of-the-mill

In an electrical system containing power electronics and electrochemistry, the battery cable is not merely a copper wire but a functioning part of the test rig. That is why we don’t just give you any cable free of charge when you buy from us – instead, we build just the right cable for your application.

Cable for connecting batteries in container formations with continuous currents of up to 60 amps

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