Digatron SCT

Test system for supercapacitors (EDLC) with up to 2000 amps

With the Digatron SCT, electronic loads are applied to supercapacitors with up to 2000 amps. The device technology is based on our established ME technology featuring precise, linear-regulated amplifiers. Thanks to specific adaptation to the features of double-layer capacitors, the SCT offers quick rise times, high accuracy, switchable current ranges and disengageable probe inputs.

True individual production

The applications for high-performance capacitors are diverse – just like their test requirements. That’s why our sales engineers configure every SCT exactly to your specifications and requests.


Range of accessories

The proven range of accessories for the ME series is also available for the SCT series. Combine with the EIS impedance spectroscope to measure the inner workings of the capacitor.


Parallel connection of circuits

Several power outputs can be easily connected in parallel to increase the current accordingly.

Technical data

Voltage range 0 up to 60 V*
Current range 50 up to 2.000 A*
Paralleling of circuits Yes
Control accuracy U DC < ± 0,1 % fs
Control accuracy I DC < ± 0,1 % fs
Scaleable Yes
* other values on request

Suitable for the following tests


High dynamic simulation of electrical sources and sinks

Cyclic voltametry

Leakage current measurement

ESR measurement



Only the right accessories can transform a single product into a perfectly synchronized installation. Our extensive portfolio of accessories offers everything you need for a complete solution.

Cool or heat any battery type to carry out specific temperature tests

Temperature Chamber

Cool or heat any battery type to carry out specific temperature tests

Data acquisition for single cell voltages and battery and tank voltages during the test cycle


Data logger to meassure additional voltages and temperatures

Measurement module for use in harsh environments and measures the DUT temperature


For DUT-temperature measurements in harsh environments with 4, 8 or 16 channels

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