Digatron's DCA (Dynamic Charge Acceptance) Tester

All-in-one solution for DCA testing of lead batteries

The exhaust legislation forces car manufacturers to save every gram of CO2 emissions. For small and mid-range cars, the fleet-wide introduction of micro-hybrid concept helps save CO2 without significant investments into expensive technology. The car will save energy through the start-stop function of the combustion engine and brake energy recovery. During recuperation phases, the battery of the vehicle should accept load pulses on concise terms. A measure to evaluate the quality of a battery to allow micro-hybrid load pulses is called “Dynamic Charge Acceptance” or DCA. It is standardized in the European standard EN 50342-6.

Although this procedure has been standardized, it is still very complicated and not easily manageable due to different preconditions like - IF/THEN/ELSE branching and total testing time of 2 weeks. Digatron supports OEMs and battery manufacturers in managing the testing effort and complexity by offering a DCA testing package.

DCA testing is done best with the Digatron UBT-RE tester. It supports a high package density by offering 6 channels per module. Nevertheless, Digatron supports DCA testing also for all former Digatron equipment as well as an add-on to the existing range of equipment.

The DCA package consists of :

  • DCA program for Battery Manager 4(BM4) supporting DCA testing according to EN 50342-6 as well as the Ford run-in test.
  • A key-off resistor assembly to efficiently simulate the load of the board-net during standstill phases.
  • A calculation sheet to calculate the correct resistor value according to the EN standard.
  • Recommended testing hardware - UBT-RE equipment.
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Save Time & Cost

Save time and buy ready-to-go test from us. Digatron has a team of engineering experts that can do complex programming required for the DCA test in our in-house Battery Manager 4 (BM4) software. The proven programming skills of our experts and weeks of hard work makes this process easier, quick and efficient.


Optimized for UBT & BM4

The package is ready-to-run with the UBT-RE hardware together with our Battery Manager 4(BM4)software platform. The package is compatible with former Digatron hardware too. Moreover, it can also be an add-on to the existing range of Digatron equipment.


Complete Solution Package

Along with the UBT-RE equipment, you will receive not only the DCA software but also the key-off resistor already assembled with a calculation formula to choose the right resistor.


Standardized Solution

The DCA package is developed to closely follow the DCA standard according to EN 50342-6:2015. As an additional benefit, the customers will get the “Ford run-in test” which is published as an appendix of the DCA standard.

Digatron UBT-RE Leistungsmodul
Digatron UBT-RE, Testssystem f?r Hochstromtests an Starterbatterien zwischen 10 und 40 Ampere, Einzelschrank

Technical Data

Voltage range -20V up to 20V
Paralleling of circuits Yes
Control accuracy U DC <± 0,05 % fs
Control accuracy I DC ± 0,1 % fs
Regenerative DC link Yes
Mains feedback Yes
Circuits per power module 1 up to 6
Max. circuits per cabinet 48
Scaleable Yes
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Klimaschrank, k?hlt oder erw?rmt Batterien, um sie Temperaturtests zu unterziehen.

Temperature Chamber

Cool or heat any battery type to carry out specific temperature tests

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

Battery Manager

Digatron's software for controlling and managing tests and formations

aus Kupfer, verbindet die Batterie mit dem Testger?t

Battery Cable

Cable to connect your battery under test to the Digatron device

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