Digatron formation rectifiers

Multiple-circuit formation rectifiers for lead batteries

Digatron’s formation rectifiers are designed for the initial charge and optionally for the discharge of lead batteries. They have already proven their worth in thousands of installations through their flawless quality and reliability. Depending on your requirements, we supply the equipment with typical thyristor technology, IGBT technology, solderless formations, or in the energy-saving version of cutting-edge technology with SiC MOSFET. The rectifiers come with a current range of 20 A to 3200 A per circuit and capacities of up to 320 batteries or up to 80 tanks as TCR.

Easy servicing

All assemblies such as fuses, controller boards, semiconductors and shields are mounted on fold-out module supports. Thanks to this smart design, all the components are easy to access and can be serviced in no time at all.


High energy efficiency

The technology of all our formation rectifiers is exceptionally economical with energy. It uses the latest SiC MOSFET technology to improve the energy efficiency further.


High compatibility

Our rectifiers also work perfectly with the Inbatec acid circulation system, thanks to a native interface. The right addition for optimal formation.


Increased work safety

All circuits are galvanically isolated from the grid and one another, which heavily reduces the risk of an electric shock.

Technical data

  Thyristor IGBT Tackless plate formation
Voltage range 0 up to 450 V 0 up to 400 V Customized
Current range ±30 A up to ±200 A ±60 A up to ±100A ±500A, ±600 A, ±700 A
Control accuracy UDC < ± 1,0 % fs < ± 1,0 % fs < ± 1,0 % fs
Control accuracy IDC < ± 1,0 % fs < ± 1,0 % fs < ± 1,0 % fs
Energy feedback Yes (MCDR) Yes n/a
Total Batteries per Cabinet 320 350 30 - 80 Tanks
Scalable Yes Yes Yes
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Only the right accessories can transform a single product into a perfectly synchronized installation. Our extensive portfolio of accessories offers everything you need for a complete solution.

Digatron battery connector cable for monobloc container formation

Connector cable

Digatron battery connector cable for monobloc container formation

Wasserbadsteuerung, zur Temperaturmessung und Wasserstandpr?fung in Wasserb?de

Water bath controller

For optimal conditions during the formation process

Data acquisition for single cell voltages and battery and tank voltages during the test cycle


Data logger to meassure additional voltages and temperatures

Temperaturmesser f?r raue Umgebungen mit weitem Messbereich und 4, 6 oder 16 Kan?len


For DUT-temperature measurements in harsh environments with 4, 8 or 16 channels

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